Balkan Beat Box

Combining assorted flavours from all around the Mediterranean with solid rock+reggae foundations, this New York-based band are one of the electro/world sensations of the last three years.

Although the media have associated them with the so-called Gypsy Rock movement, their roots are reaching way beyond that: they blends Greek guitars, Arab & Bulgarian guest singers, Balkanoid horns and elements of ragga and hip hop. Balkan Beat Box are an awesome live band, they’ve been making crowds go wild on all major festivals they appeared at, around Europe and North America B-B-B is centered around saxophone player Ori Kaplan, drummer/ programmer/ producer Tamir Muskat and charismatic vocalist/MC Tomer Yosef.

The band’s founding members had been active for over a decade in some of NYC’s premier underground bands (including Gogol Bordello, Firewater, Big Lazy, Shotnez), before joining forces and bringing together their combined experiences and ideas to create the powerhouse called B-B-B.

BBB (Balkan Beat Box) were nominated several times for BBC World Music Awards.