Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds

We are very pleased to announce that we will be working with musician, writer, poet and political activist Benjamin Zephaniah and the Revolutionary Minds on upcoming shows and tours. The Revolutionary Minds album is being re-released with some new music videos in spring 2019.

Widely  celebrated  as  one  of  the  greatest  poets  of  his  generation,  Zephaniah is strongly  influenced  by  the  music  and  poetry  of  Jamaica  and  what  he  calls  “street politics”. His  poetry,  books  and  plays  have  captivated  hearts  and  minds,  fuelling imaginations and winning him a legion of fans all over the world.Though his music is lesser known than his written work it is no less fervent. Created alongside  his  accomplished  producer  and collaborator  The  Sea, Revolutionary Minds album is a deep selection of dub-reggae juggernauts, the essence and style of whichfully reinforce the messages projected through Zephaniah’s powerful lyrics.

At  a  seemingly  tumultuous  and  divisive  period  in  our  society, Revolutionary  Minds revitalises  the  neglected  art  of  the  protest  song.  By  reviving  this  discipline  at  this particular point in time, Zephaniah shines a critical light on to a range of activity that currently  is taking place  around  the  globe,  providing a  strong  voice to  the disenfranchised and displaced.Zephaniah and his full live band ‘The Revolutionary Minds’ are in the midst of staging shows  at  a  range  venues  and  festivals  around  the  country, having  already  taken thousands  by  storm  in  tents  bursting  at  the  seams  at  both  Latitude, WOMAD Boomtown  and  Shambala  festivals,  as  well  as  a  headline  show  at London’s iconic Jazz Café.

Revolutionary Minds is a chance to experience Zephaniah’s innovative talent in full force; a triumphant creation of emotional songs that highlight the poignant global issues faced by society today.