Bluejay, South West native, Bristol based master of ceremonies has been a staple name on the circuit for some time. Having passed through the majority of the cities biggest promoters, Bluejay has performed alongside a wealth of heavy hitters such as Doc Scott, Randall, Bailey, DJ Patife, Dom and Roland, Furney, Random Movement (to name a few). Making appearances at events such as, Renegade Hardware, Intrigue, Dispatch, Metalheadz, The North Quarter and many more, making appearances across the UK, in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Milan and most notably numerous performances at Sun and Bass festival in Sardinia. Bluejay is also no stranger to the recording booth having featured on tracks alongside Lurch, Ill Truth, Mark Dinimal and more on prestigious imprints such as Intrigue Music, Pro:gram, Soul Trader, Soul Deep & Lifestyle music

An MC with the laid back host approach, who can also pepper it up when needed!