Dead Players

Dead Players are a trio of musicians comprising of Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghosttown. Successful soloist’s in their own right, this new alliance ranks up there with one of the most exciting releases the UK Hip Hop community has seen in a very long time.

Back in 2010 Jam Baxter proclaimed that the person he would most like to collaborate with was Dabbla of LDN Zoo. Dabbla heard the call-out and the creative cogs started turning. There was no question of which producer to recruit; Ghosttown had worked with both emcees in the past and filled the boots of someone with a musical vision potent enough to accommodate the demands of the two lyricists.

The result is a camaraderie so colourful the UK hip hop scene will celebrate its inception for years to come, but moreover, an outfit that looks set to span a wide spectrum of genres and movements with the music they make.

Their debut album was released on the UK’s leading Hip Hop label High Focus Records.