Hackney Colliery Band

“One of the greatest live bands we have in this country” – BBC Radio 2

“This is the most enjoyable, fun music that I know of” – Observer, UK

Hackney Colliery Band have had a simply phenomenal few years. From playing a 45 minute set at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and sets at the MOBO, Brit and Mercury Awards to live sessions on BBC Two, Sky Arts, BBC Radio 2, Jazz FM (UK) and worldwide airplay from many more, from collaborations with the likes of Amy Winehouse to selling out venues across the UK and Europe, these east London musicians haven’t stopped.

Able to be both a powerful acoustic ensemble as they parade through the crowd, their brand new set for 2016 is also up-to-the-minute contemporary, with carefully crafted washes of electronics and drum machines adding to the raw power of brass and drums. With a setlist as diverse as the borough which gave them their name, expect an eclectic and completely unique mix of dancefloor-filling contemporary rock, jazz, soul and electronica. Delicate one minute, powerfully energetic the next and always concluding in a huge party, an HCB show is as exciting as it is memorable, leading BBC Radio 2 to call HCB ‘one of the best live bands we have in this country’.