Often an artist’s biography is full of buzz-words, wildly sweeping statements and unabashed claims of influencing a generation or changing the face of their chosen genre. Very few can say it with the conviction and sincerity of British born lyricist & producer Jehst.

With an extensive discography reaching into triple figures and a string of critically acclaimed albums under his belt – from 2002’s scene steamroller ‘The Return of the Drifter’ through to 2011’s highly anticipated and critically lauded homecoming ‘The Dragon of an Ordinary Family’ – Jehst’s gritty, profound lyricism and true-school production sound has earned him a global reputation as a master of his field.

A keen beat maker as well as a hugely sought after emcee, with collaborations stretching as far afield as America, Australia, Eastern Europe and even The United Arab Emirates, Jehst is a true icon who continues to captivate the worldwide underground with fresh rhymes and the dopest beats.

2016 has seen several single releases including ‘Reel It In’ ft. Lee Scott & Strange U on his own YNR Productions and Campbell & Algar with Lee Scott on Blah Records. With a brand new album in the pipeline for 2017, you can bet your rent money that the best is yet to come from this cult hero.

Stay tuned boppers, stay tuned…

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Sam Gill

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10th Nov 18
Frog & Fiddle
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