Johnny Clarke

After bursting onto the Jamaican music scene in the early seventies, Johnny Clarke quickly gained a reputation as one of the island’s foremost performers and by the latter part of the decade rivalled the likes of Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and Bob Marley in terms of popularity on the island.

Johnny Clarke was the original dancehall/youth singer and if he was guilty of anything it was simply that he just loved to be in Tubby’s studio just a little too much. For many fans it is the many enduring roots songs that constitute the real substance of Johnny’s career. He was always at his most convincing when dealing with more cultural themes and songs such as ‘Enter Into His Gate’s With Praise’, ‘Poor Marcus’, ‘Roots Natty Congo’, ‘Blood Dunza’ and ‘Play Fool Fe Get Wise’ represent his considerable writing and vocal talents at their very best. After four decades and countless plays, his seventies’ recordings still capture the very essence of what is now regarded as the golden age of roots music.

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