Lifestyle Music

Diplomats of Sound is proud to be booking label branded events for the Drum & Bass heavyweight label Lifestyle Music, presenting full lineups of the labels roster for worldwide touring.

Lifestyle Music is a UK-based Drum & Bass label rooted heavily in underground dance music. Started in 2009, the label has nurtured new talent, curated core artists and developed a signature sound within the scene. It has now expanded into promoting worldwide club events and international signings without a fault in their own policy of promoting high quality music for enthusiasts and the community.

In recent years Lifestyle and its team has grown profoundly. The ‘Connection’ series has given the label and artists the opportunity to foster relationships with Drum & Bass communities from around the world. This has lead to international tours and shows that range from Australia to mainland Europe. Without losing focus the label frequently maintains UK club nights and a residency on its home turf of Volks in Brighton.

Lifestyle is constantly pushing for the cutting-edge. Breaking new upcoming producers, sounds, and styles. ‘CULTURE’ is the latest series and addition that predominantly focuses on the melodic and experimental sounds. The labels ever growing nature has become synonymous with quality and variety while maintaining releases that regularly reach the Beatport top 10. With another ‘Connection’ LP on the horizon, events planned across Europe, and a strong presence on the UK’s South Coast Lifestyle shows no sign of slowing down.