Alan Keary – a.k.a. Shunya – is a multi instrumentalist and producer, with a strong musical heritage, writing and producing music from the age of fourteen. In 2012, Shunya’s name saw a rapid increase in notoriety when his remix of Whitacre’s ‘Sleep’ was recognised by Whitacre himself saying: “Epic remix of ‘Sleep’ , I can’t get enough of this” and praised publicly via Whitacre’s social media.

His recent collaboration with DJ Yoda’s & Breakfast of Champions live band has gained Shunya a notable reputation as a collaborator. With co-writing on tracks such as “Pebble Beach” going on to be play listed by BBC 6Music. Other notable collaborations include Werkha, (Tru Thoughts, Brownswood Bubblers) & Josephine Oniyama (Rubyworks), lending arrangement and performance of strings & bass.

Shunya’s self-titled release also features appearances from GoGo Penguin drummer Rob Turner and session drummer Craig Hanson on the track ‘The Beauty of Being the Void’. Singer Hayley Phillipa Williams features throughout the E.P and brings a haunting yet soulful feel to tracks such as ‘The Elaborate Hoax’, suggesting connotations reminiscent to the music of Kate Bush. Shunya continues to collaborate with various artists and musicians with a vision to combine everything into one boiling pot, defying the notion of ‘genre’.

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