Sparkz has recently released the latest installment in a trilogy of self produced projects – ‘Angle Three’ EP.

‘Angles’ created by Manchester titan MC Sparkz, showcases not only his lyrical abilities to effortlessly move between genre, style and flow – but also raw talent as a producer, musician and performer.

Having lyrically annihilated our TV screens with his Manchester super collective – Levelz on Channel 4’s music show ‘Four to the Floor’, Sparkz is part of a new generation of talent breaking our of Manchester’s changing mainstream paradigms. By paving the way for legitimate and credible underground music to independently prosper.

He’s appeared on the first of Julie Adenuga’s Apple Music Beats1 Radio shows and toured the wrold as front man for the widely credited live Hip-Hop group The Mouse Outfit and DJ Yoda’s Breakfast of Champions.

With a ton of respected artists and producers calling to collaborate with this northern golden-boy, it’s hard to imagine when and how Sparkz has found time to write, produce, vocal and add three incredibly versatile EP’s to his stellar catalogue.

“His bars undoubtedly demonstrate a determination and a confidence that is a reminder of why MAnchester is leading the way for young MCs and producers.” – MTV 

“Sparks in particular has a considerable level of skill. Give him three minutes and he’ll nearly use as many words as Drake did on his entire album!” ABC News