The Last Poets

“The Last Poets are the birthplace of rap.” Chuck D

Modern day griots, fusing politically outspoken lyrics with inventive percussion – The Last Poets grew out of the American-American civil rights Black nationalism movement, in the late 1960’s. Their spoken word albums foreshadowed the work of hard-hitting rap groups such as Public Enemy. The Last Poets album (1970), is considered the first hip-hop album of all time, and This Is Madness (1971), landed them on President Nixon’s Counter-Intelligence Programming list!

“The Last Poets are the prototype Rappers… the kina nigger you don never wanna meet! They teach what America does to its Black men, what Black men do to themselves, and WHY!” Amiri Baraka.

“A word hasn’t been coined to fit what we’re talking about,” The Last Poets told Rolling Stone in 1970.

Produced by Ben Lamdin (Nostaglia 77) and Brighton legend Prince Fatty, whose speciality is traditional reggae and dub, ‘Understand What Black Is’ (2018) is a ten-track album which speaks of a revolutionary struggle defined by both race and identity, that has never sounded more relevant.

Supported by Apples and Snakes, the UK’s leading organisation for spoken Word.