Urban Folk Quartet


Joe Broughton, Paloma Trigas, Dan Walsh and Tom Chapman are the Urban Folk Quartet. Four highly accomplished musicians, a dozen instruments and four voices coming together to craft a knockout show of globally–influenced, electrifying acoustic music that has been taking the European folk scene by storm.

Summer 2011 saw them embark upon an epic adventure – a three month rollercoaster ride of gigs across Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy and the UK. Playing everything from secluded coves to 30,000 capacity festivals, the UFQ’s heady brew of infectious, cutting edge folk ignites audiences and has won them a devoted fan base far and wide.

In 2012, to celebrate the bands third birthday they released their third album which was supported by an extensive world tour. Recorded in the middle of their 2011 travels, “Off Beaten Tracks” is a twenty first century travelogue from a band in full flight.

In May 2013 the UFQ recorded their fourth album and then hit the road again for their biggest European tour to date, visiting venues and festivals all across the UK, Italy, Switzerland and France.