U Roy

U-Roy’s career began in 1961, when he became DJ of various sound systems. It worked well with King Tubby at the time he experimented with dub. With U-Roy as DJ, the sound system King Tubby became extraordinarily popular contributing to U-Roy’s fame. He later worked with Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Bunny Lee and Lloyd Daley.

The success of U-Roy led him to create his own sound system, ‘The King Sturgav Sound,’ to turn around the world and find new artists. Founded in the mid-70s by the legendary U-Roy, the father of “deejaying” (ancestor of rap,) the sound system King Sturgav is regarded in Jamaica as the ‘Academy of deejays.’ Many artists are the ones who made their selves known after having started on the mic during his regular evenings.

Representative of the old school of Sound Systems, with its “Rub A Dub” rhythms and cultural discourse, King Sturgav has inspired many artists and still enjoys the support of a loyal fanbase from Jamaica, the United States, Canada and especially in England. King Sturgav is the soul of the historic Jamaican dancehall, and at every session brings an authentic Sound System lesson.

In 2016, U-Roy & King Sturgav were back on the road together; immediate boarding in the heart of the authentic culture of the Jamaican Sound System!!