Carbon Balanced Touring: Joss Stone World Tour

Joss Stone – the first female Grammy-winning artist to attempt to balance her travel from international touring – has so far balanced 2.7 million travel miles.

Joss has partnered with Energy Revolution to balance the fossil fuel emissions from her tour travel by donating to tree planting initiatives and to projects that create 100% renewable energy. Energy Revolution is a UK charity set up to address the biggest source of carbon emissions in the live music sector: audience and artist travel.

For the ‘Total World Tour’ (2014- 2019), Joss’s aim is to play in every country in the world and balance the emissions associated with her travel. During the tour, Joss is collaborating with local musicians, playing indigenous instruments and music in order to share the beauty of other musical cultures with a wider audience.

Read more about our work with Energy Revolution on the Joss Stone Total World Tour via My Green Pod article for the Guardian below:

The ‘Total World Tour’