NEW SIGNING: Omara Portuondo


We’re delighted to announce we will be working with Buena Vista Social Club Diva Omara Portuondo on upcoming shows, festivals and tours in the UK and Scandinavia. 

Omara Portuondo is one of the legendary names in Cuban music, with a distinguished career spanning multiple decades. In the 1950s Omara launched her career singing with famous all female Orchestra, ‘Orquesta Anacaona’ and Quarteto Las d’Aida who she perofrmedwith for fifteen years. In the 60s, 70s & 80s Omara explored other solo & collaborative projects which toured internationally in the including with Orquesta Aragon and Adalberto Alvarez.

The best way to celebrate Omara’s musical career? A very special worldwide tour which will include some exceptional invited guests. The great Cuban diva and artistic ambassador of her country wants to celebrate with a grand fiesta which represents the impressive sweep of her career – on every stop meeting with old friends and new to perform together much loved Cuban classics, from ‘Besame Mucho’ to ‘Veinte Años’. The tour will reflect different aspects of Omara’s long career, taking it back to her younger years and love of elegant cabaret, through the Buena Vista days right up to the present with different tastes and flavours, of what will be a musical feast, full of piquant sabrosura.

Contact  for more information or visit her page on the link below.

Omara Portuondo